Bernard’s Cannabis Creations – Nut Butter Cup Assortment – Blend – 4 Pack


See what the magic is about with the divine delight of our smooth almond, hazelnut, pistachio and peanut butter mini cups all in one pouch.

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A key differentiator for our products is our master chocolatier, Bernard Callebaut. He is a fifth generation chocolatier originally from Belgium. His great-grandfather began making chocolates in Belgium in 1911. Bernard himself has been making chocolates in Canada since 1983. Bernard is known for making quality products with premium ingredients. We are an artisan brand that will be known to consumers as chocolatiers making cannabis edibles and not a cannabis company experimenting with chocolate. Although we use premium ingredients, we want our products to retail at an affordable price. We understand market dynamics in the chocolate industry and cannabis space and we do not want the price point to be prohibitive to our potential customers.


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Bernard's Cannabis Creations

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